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AltF Express Trade Towers

Located in the bustling and corporate hub of Noida, this coworking space in Noida Expressway, in Sector 132 which is a prime location for growth and productive working, and best suited for companies looking for expansion and collaboration at work. The top-notch amenities and high-end infrastructure of this coworking space in Noida Expressway offers a superior work ambiance which allows harmony, and innovation at the workplace. Endless amenities encourage employees to perform their best, and the cost-effective prices of seats allow many companies to choose this premium coworking space in Noida. Nearby metro connectivity and free parking for members allows easy commute, both by metro and private vehicles. The close proximity to public transportation allows professionals to commute to this workspace easily.

  • Easy Customization
  • 24/7 security
  • Power Backup
  • TV with HDMI setup
  • Unlimited tea/coffee

Proposed Price : 6,000 - 7,000*/seat/month

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Express Trade Tower 2, Expressway, Sector 132, Noida

Available workspace

office space for rent in noida expressway

Team Office

user 4-10 Members

office space in noida expressway

Privatized Suites

user 10+ Members

Shared office space in noida

Dedicated Desk

user 1-3 Members

coworking space noida

Director Cabin

user 1-3 Members

Day-pass in noida

Temporary Seating Plan


Meeting Room in noida

Meeting Room


Event Space in noida

Event Space

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  • High-speed Wi-fi High-speed
  • Complimentary Tea Coffee Complimentary Tea & Coffee
  • Housekeeping Housekeeping
  • Printing/Scanning Printing/Scanning
  • Break out area Break out area
  • Reception Reception
  • 5 Layer Security 5 Layer Security
  • Fully-furnished Fully-furnished
  • 24*7 power backup 24*7 power backup
  • Electricity Maintenance Electricity & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

AltF Express Trade Tower, a coworking space in Noida expressway, is easily accessible. You can work at your convenience. It is operational from Monday to Saturday, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M.

This coworking in Noida offers a dedicated seat at a price range of 6,000-7,000/ seat.

AltF Express Trade Tower offers complimentary access to meeting rooms for all individuals at their convenience. Their charges for these services range from 100/hour/ member. The process incorporates-

  1. Reach out to our coworking expert.
  2. Share your location preference and date to ensure availability.
  3. Make payment and book instantly.

Yes, completely! This coworking in Noida offers flexible workspace arrangements that can be custom-fitted to suit your particular needs. Whether you wish for a calm corner for focused work or a collaborative space, you all have secured assurance.

Yes, adequate parking space is available for members at AltF Express Trade Tower, a shared office space in Noida. Members can park their vehicles easily and comfortably.

All our coworking spaces in Noida have five-layer security, 24×7 CCTV cameras, and watches shown 24/7. If you're a permanent member, you can leave your files, tablet, etc., on your desk when taking a break. However, we advise you to take your belongings when you leave the space after work hours.

No. Connecting to the pantry services include unlimited tea and coffee for all members and visitors. However, other refreshments, snacks, and dinners from the cafeteria are chargeable at this Coworking space in Noida.

Top Coworking Space in Noida Expressway Sector 132 | AltF Coworking

Skyscraping Success: Redefining the Workspaces with AltF Express Trade Tower

AltF Express Trade Tower isn't just a workspace but a dynamic environment planned to cultivate imagination, efficiency, and development. Found within the heart of Noida, one of Delhi NCR's most noticeable commercial points, this coworking space offers an idealised mix of comfort, network, and consolation. It is a centre of business greatness, forming a great approach to facilitating an excellent stepway for startups, entrepreneurs, and SMEs.

AltF Express Trade Tower, a coworking space in Noida, is an image of advancement, network, and commercial energy. This high-rise arena, towering over the bustling lanes with a coworking space in Noida expressway, is a head goal for businesses, entrepreneurs, and experts looking for an energetic workspace within the capital city. It covers 11,000 sq ft and offers a seating capacity of 287 seats. The goal is to provide superior value for teams choosing this idealised coworking space in Noida.

AltF Express Trade Tower can motivate and promote the following three procurements.

It can be easily accessed with the less of distances that include the proximity

Elevation of Workspace excellence with AltF Express Trade Tower

State-of-the-Art Offices
Step into AltF Express Trade Tower, and you will discover yourself inundated with a world of top-notch amenities and administrations. From ergonomic workstations and high-speed internet to fully-equipped meeting rooms and breakout zones, each viewpoint of the workspace is meticulously curated to meet the assorted needs of present-day experts. This shared office space in Noida offers creative aesthetics and innovative infrastructures.

Area Advantage
Deliberately found at Noida 132, Express Trade Tower appreciates its unparalleled network and openness with a coworking space in Noida expressway. With its vicinity to major transportation hubs, counting and commuting to and from the tower is consistent. Also, the region makes it a helpful goal for both work and relaxation.

Innovative Framework
AltF Express Trade Tower, a shared office space in Noida, has a state-of-the-art framework and facilities designed to cater to the desires of modern businesses. The tower highlights high-speed lifts, progressed security frameworks, sufficient stopping space, and 24/7 control reinforcement, guaranteeing inhabitants a consistent and secure working environment.

World-Class Amenities
Members of Express Exchange Tower have access to various conveniences planned to enhance their working encounters. From present-day offerings with this coworking in Noida, the highlighted versions are the highlighted versions: high-speed web, 24/7 power backup, unlimited tea/ coffee, scanning/printing facilities, concierge services, maintenance, electricity, and ergonomic furniture. These amenities cultivate efficiency and collaboration in the office space for rent in Delhi.

Dynamic Diversity
At AltF Coworking, engagement lies at the heart of everything we do. Our coworking space in Noida is a sense of belongingness to a diverse cluster of startups, new businesses, SMEs, and corporate groups, cultivating a culture of collaboration, networking, and common support. Whether you seek a co-founder, seek feedback on your most recent extension, or need to associate with like-minded people, members will discover sufficient openings to lock in and connect inside our dynamic shared office space in Noida.

Flexible Membership Choices
At AltF Express Trade Tower, we understand that one estimate does not fit all. That's why we offer adaptable participation plans custom-fitted to suit your needs and demands. Whether you are searching for a dedicated work area or a private office, we have an arrangement that fits your requirements. With straightforward estimating and no covered-up costs, you can focus on the most important thing—developing your commerce.

AltF Express Trade Tower: An Irresistible Shared Office Space in Noida

AltF Express Trade Tower offers a cutting-edge, collaborative, and hassle-free workspace arrangement for experts and businesses in Noida. With all the above-mentioned idealised offerings, we strive to make an environment where members can flourish and succeed. All assorted professionals get variance with AltF Coworking, giving the ideal stage to take your work to modern status. Encounter the AltF Express Trade Tower distinction nowadays and hoist your workspace involvement like never before. Inside the premises of Express Exchange Tower, AltF Coworking offers an energetic workspace arrangement custom-made to the needs of present-day experts and businesses.

AltF Express Trade Tower embodies the soul of contemporary business with coworking in Noida, offering a perfect blend of comfort, network, and world-class conveniences. Whether a startup looking to make your mark or a built-up enterprise looking for a prestigious address, this best coworking space in Noida gives you the perfect stage to flourish and succeed in today's competitive business scene.

“Grasp the Opportunity to accelerate your successful Business Journey”