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2 minutes’ walk from Sector 42-43 Rapid Metro Station
Proposed Price : 14,000*/seat
Free parking & Massive terrace with dual decks
Proposed Price : 7,000*/seat
Right next to Guru Dronacharya Metro Station
Proposed Price : 12,000*/seat
300m from Sikanderpur Metro Station
Proposed Price : 13,000*/seat
5-minute walking distance from Sikanderpur Metro Station
Proposed Price : 10,000*/seat
5 minutes’ from NSIC Okhla Metro Station
Proposed Price : 8,000*/seat
Located just 150m from Barakhamba Metro Station
Proposed Price : 15,000*/seat
5 minutes’ walk from Sector 142 Metro Station
Proposed Price : 7,000*/seat
Perfect shared office space in Noida for growing teams
Proposed Price : 6,000*/seat
Conveniently located from Sector 62 Metro Station
Proposed Price : 7,000*/seat
2 minutes’ walk from Sector 42-43 Rapid Metro Station
Proposed Price : 14,000*/seat
Free parking & Massive terrace with dual decks
Proposed Price : 7,000*/seat
Right next to Guru Dronacharya Metro Station
Proposed Price : 12,000*/seat
300m from Sikanderpur Metro Station
Proposed Price : 13,000*/seat
5-minute walking distance from Sikanderpur Metro Station
Proposed Price : 10,000*/seat
5 minutes’ from NSIC Okhla Metro Station
Proposed Price : 8,000*/seat
Located just 150m from Barakhamba Metro Station
Proposed Price : 15,000*/seat
5 minutes’ walk from Sector 142 Metro Station
Proposed Price : 7,000*/seat
Perfect shared office space in Noida for growing teams
Proposed Price : 6,000*/seat
Conveniently located from Sector 62 Metro Station
Proposed Price : 7,000*/seat

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Sector 142, Noida

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of coworking space varies depending upon many factors such as the number of seats, additional amenities, location chosen, and other factors as per the member's demand.

But in general, the average cost of coworking space in Delhi-NCR is as given:

Delhi Gurgaon Noida
Coworking space
(dedicated desk)
7,000-15,000 per seat 6,000-12,000 per seat 7,000-8,000 per seat
Meeting Room 100/day/hour 100/day/hour 100/day/hour
Virtual Office Starts from 20,000/year Starts from 15,000/year Starts from 15,000/year

AltF Coworking has temporary seating plans available and encourages the usage of day passes for 5 consecutive days or more.

The amenities are the essence of any coworking space in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. These workspaces include high-speed internet, unlimited tea or coffee, and scanning and printing facilities.

Other than these, AltF Coworking offers housekeeping, concierge services, five-layer security, a breakout area, ergonomic furniture, 24/7 power backup, etc.

The majority of coworking spaces are operational 7 days a week. However, depending on the feasibility and building schedule, some properties remain closed on Sundays.

  • Fixed Office : Privatized suits, team offices, dedicated desks, and director cabins are designed to meet the needs of today's modern businesses. Here, one gets the benefit of flexibility & privacy while simultaneously enjoying networking in a coworking space.
  • Flexible Office : Book temporary seating plans or meeting rooms at your convenience. The spaces here are fully furnished and equipped with top-notch amenities.
  • Virtual Office : AltF Coworking provides you with a virtual address without the burden of overhead costs. Depending upon the plan you can use this address for GST registration, Business registration, or can use it as your mailing address.
  • Managed Office : Our managed office allows us to customize a workplace that meets your work requirements. It is an end-to-end solution with flexibility and convenience.

The parking facilities are provided by AltF Coworking, serving convenience and comfort to those commuting through private vehicles all depending upon the availability at property.

A virtual office is an innovative and flexible plan that allows business administration to run without requiring physical office space. It enhances your business image and credibility with a prestigious business address.

AltF Coworking offers a premium business address with virtual office space in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. Depending upon the members ' requirements, we provide a diverse virtual office plan, giving a business address plan starting from INR 15000 per year. We also provide virtual addresses for GST Registration and Business registration, where the prices may vary.

AltF Coworking provides a tech-infused meeting room that enhances work productivity. The flexible credit packages offer meeting rooms, but a basic range starts from INR 100/member/hour. A professional and modern space covering seating for 2-12, fully furnished and equipped with top-notch amenities designed with a quiet atmosphere catering to all your needs.

The different seating options for private seater cabins provided by AltF Coworking include 4 seater private cabins, 6 seater private cabins, 8 seater cabins, or more. It can be customized and expanded depending on the required demands of clients. Its advantages are privacy and great ambiance, promoting great teamwork and a work-friendly atmosphere.

In the present scenario, shared office space has been adopted by every industry. The biggest group that remained with AltF Coworking is service industries; besides that, as per the trend analyzer, the others are technology, marketing, banking, finance, and insurance followed by the e-commerce setup, which are on the lookout for the fully equipped best-shared office spaces in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon.

What is Coworking, and what AltF facilitates as a Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces are where people from diverse industries work freely but share a common physical space. It's like a play range for experts, publicising an open and imaginative environment where experts, business specialists, and individuals can collaborate and interact. It gives space and promotes advancement, collaboration, and community. These shared office spaces include dedicated desks, meeting rooms, director rooms, recreational lounges, and cafeterias. All in all, it's a boon facilitating the perfect preinstalled amenities at your convenience.

Coworking spaces in today's time are extending their viable beneficiaries in the prominent locales of Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida. Coworking spaces in Gurgaon have flexible work situations where diverse companies or people share a common office foundation. These spaces are more organised than conventional setups and are frequently chosen by businesses that require a committed and private space but need to share certain civilities to decrease costs. Shared Workplaces provide you with a professional setting with administrations like gathering, security, maintenance, and 24/7 access to the entities to carry out the business efficiently.

The rise of coworking spaces and shared workplaces is closely tied to the changing elements of work culture. It's the surge in demand for these shared spaces; AltF Coworking welcomes you to the plethora of amenities and benefits along with the workspaces, keeping in mind the professional's needs and demands. Flexible workspaces adjust to the advancing needs of a varied workforce, giving a cure to the segregation of conventional workspaces and promoting a culture of collaboration and versatility.

AltF Coworking is always on its toes to serve you with the best working spaces matching experts' requirements. Even if you are a startup or new business looking for 3 or more seating facilities, you must worry as things can work accordingly.The accessibility to the premises in AltF is between 8a.m.- 10.p.m. We work efficiently to complete the dreams you bring up with the start or the expansion of your businesses.


The exciting product range that AltF delivers includes:

  1. Fixed Office

    Privatized suits, team offices, dedicated desks, and director cabins are designed to meet the needs of today's modernised business. In privatized suits, you have extra privacy. Meeting rooms are designed with a structure that matches your workforce requirements. We mainly target SMEs and corporates, including lockable private office spaces, meeting rooms, and common areas.
  2. Flexible Office

    If required, flexible office space arranges temporary seating plans, meeting room booking even at short notice and event spaces.The availability and booking of the spaces for the event vary depending on the location and size of the event one wants to carry out. It is fully furnished, giving notched-equipped amenities with the seater availability range of 2-20 at affordable rates.It explores the varied price quotient depending upon the needs and requirements of the experts. As an entity, we generally have credit packages exploring the accessibility to 3-12 months with affordable price ranges.
  3. Virtual Office

    Firms who are thinking or looking out for the expansion of their work but don't need permanent office space, just an address, so we are here to lessen your burden with the providence of virtual office space along with a perfect business address plan, GST Registration, mail management, and courier facility. All the factors are promoting your brand image with digital marketing. The virtual office booking with the business address plan has a package of 1250/ month, GST Registration with 1500/month, and Business Registration plan with 2085/month.
  4. Managed Office

    Our managed office allows us to customise a workplace that excels in your work requirements. t is an end-to-end solution with flexibility and convenience. Just a click away now, talk to our experts, share custom requirements, then move in and start working. We have a solid reputation for giving top-quality managed office administrations; AltF Coworking is a trusted accomplice for businesses looking to optimise their office space needs.

Features of AltF Coworking

  1. Dedicated desks
    Devoted work areas and private offices are our specialisations for your convenience. Omitted work zones and private office spaces are the needs of today's hustling business setups. These can be available with the option of customization as per the necessities at affordable rates.
  2. Lounges
    Our coworking space in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi starts with creative lounges, giving a dynamic and vibrant vibe far better than the conventional setup.
  3. Meeting Room
    Meeting Rooms are a standing commodity in coworking spaces with the installation of innovative technology whiteboards and screens to ensure your task efficiency. Booking a meeting room at short notice is also a factor available to us, which is not provided by the many other coworking spaces. The availability of meeting rooms can be booked even on short notice.
  4. Director Room
    Whether a single work area or Director room, Coworking spaces in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida locale. We offer various flexible choices to suit different business needs.
  5. Cafeteria
    Cafeterias are the attraction of our premises. You have an excellent place to eat peacefully, keeping aside your working areas. These zones are specialisations that you can't find in the traditional setup.
  6. Calling booth
    The chance of causing a disturbance to other employees is solved by creating calling booths on our premises. Calling booths ensures clients' satisfaction with privacy.

Benefits Adding to the Growth of AltF

  1. Flexibility
    Our coworking spaces in Noida, Delhi and Gurgaon offer flexible membership packages, allowing individuals and businesses to choose that suit their specific needs, whether a shared desk for 4,6,8, or more or reserving an office space for a group. The flexibility approach extends with affordable customization options from our end.
  2. Networking opportunities
    Coworking spaces in Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida provide a unique environment that encourages connection and collaboration. Being surrounded by professionals from various industries can lead to valuable relationships, partnerships, and business opportunities. ltF provides the base for exchanging thoughts and ideas between different professionals.
  3. Profitability
    Coworking spaces can be more profitable for startups and small businesses than traditional office rentals. Shared resources and amenities will help them reduce the financial burden of maintaining a dedicated office.
  4. Amenities
    AltF coworking spaces offer high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, printers, and cafe areas. Virtual office space, we also provide additional services such as mail handling, GST Registration, and extra services that come along with it. These spaces are also provided according to the requirements to carry out an event leading to your promotion.
  5. Scalability
    Coworking space helps businesses quickly scale up or down. As the team grows, additional desks or private offices can be rented without moving.
  6. Work-life balance
    AltF shared office spaces focus on providing a balanced work environment, including entertainment areas, especially in the coworking space in Noida, contributing to a healthier work-life balance so that you can divert your mind to different practical things.
  7. The essence of our coworking spaces lies in providing a place to work and creating a dynamic and enriching environment that promotes collaboration, innovation, and personal development.

Strategies to Improve Work Experience

To improve your overall work experience, consider the following strategies:

  1. Tailor your space to suit diverse needs
    Recognize that different professionals have unique work styles. offering a variety of workspaces, from open spaces to private offices, serve various preferences. Design space with flexibility. Offer phone booths for private calls, spacious waiting rooms for informal communication, and dedicated desks for groups that need extra privacy.
  2. Leveraging Technology for Efficiency
    Technology can promote many different aspects of the coworking experience, from booking meeting rooms to communicate between members.
  3. Knowledge Sharing
    Coworking spaces are not just about physical space; they are becoming an acknowledged sharing platform. The exchange of knowledge enriches the coworking experience.
  4. Promote inclusion and diversity
    A diverse and inclusive environment contributes to a more prosperous and more creative collaborative work community. ltF actively seeks members from a variety of backgrounds and industries, bringing in assorted perspectives.
  5. Seek feedback
    Regularly or at time intervals, seeking member feedback allows you to understand their evolving needs and preferences. Comments making informed decisions about improvements and adjustments is a forte that improves the overall work experience.
Why choose AltF to enhance your workspace experience

In the bustling coworking space scene, Altf Coworking stands out as a beacon of innovation and community-centric design, making it an essential choice for professionals looking to have a dynamic and enriching workspace. One of the main reasons to choose Altf is its unwavering commitment to building a vibrant community by providing its diverse product range of Fixed office, Flexible office, Virtual office, and managed offices. The price constraints for the properties range from 7k to 18k. However, individual property booking prices differ on premium location, size, and seating capacity.

The space goes beyond providing offices and meeting rooms; it fosters an environment where collaboration is encouraged and built in step by step. As an entity, we ensure that its members share physical space and actively participate and contribute to a diverse and supportive community.

Flexibility is another feature of Altf Coworking. Recognizing that no one-size-fits-all arrangement exists, we offer different workspace alternatives to suit differing trade needs. Whether You're a solo entrepreneur trying to find an individual, comfortable corner, or a developing group requiring a private office, Altf permits you to select a workspace that fits your needs, work fashion, and inclinations.

Our innovation platter encourages and improves the general encounter of companies entering the shared office space field. The user-friendly stage permits individuals to effortlessly book meeting rooms, communicate with other specialists, and get to our space's uncountable comforts.The accessibility to the premises is managed well within the convenient commuting distance and lessens the burden of vehicle parking with the available ample parking facilities. This innovation integration moreover contributes to making strides in proficiency and efficiency.

Moreover, Altf Co-Working prioritises the well-being of the working community. The spaces are carefully outlined for consolation and suitable back. Entertainment spaces in coworking spaces in Noida and accentuation on work-life adjustment underline our commitment to making an environment that draws in proficient development and individual joy.

By and large, choosing AltF Coworking provides space in securing a work environment; it's approximately joining a dynamic community, grasping adaptability, leveraging innovation, prioritising well-being, and remaining committed to sustainability. With us, experts set out on a journey where the working environment isn't just a physical area but a flourishing environment that makes a difference in their move toward victory and development.

Seal the Deal: Elevate your Success with AltF Coworking

As the conventional 9-to-5 work decides to change into a creative and enthusiastic scene, coworking spaces and shared workplaces have become critical players in speaking to the long-standing work time. Whether it's the collaborative soul of Coworking or the organised efficiency of a shared work environment, these spaces cater to the prominent criteria who esteem versatility, community, and a solid environment in their work journey.

Finding a redress space with a helpful area may be a troublesome errand. But AltF gives the arrangement by bringing within the companies or firms seeking out adaptable spaces instead of a fundamental ordinary work area setup. So, rather than wasting your proficient time and valuable resources, go straight-eyed with the AltF to discover the arrangement for the workspace issue. With us, you'll get a bunch of civilities besides the additional without much advantage in practical and budgetary terms.

Therefore, buckle up your seats and enter the arena of AltF Coworking. Further, call to clear your doubts, or you can drop us mail.