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Enhance your brand image and credibility with your clients and partners with a prestigious business address without the overhead costs associated with a physical office space.

Business Address Plan

  • Mail Management & Courier Facility
  • Concierge Services
  • Starts at ₹1250*/ month
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GST Registration Plan

  • All inclusions of the Business Address Plan
  • Documents for GST Registration
  • Digital Branding
  • Starts at ₹1500*/ month
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Business Registration Plan

  • All inclusions of the Business Address Plan
  • Documents for GST and Business Registration
  • Digital Branding
  • Starts at ₹2085*/ month
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AltF MPD Tower, Gurgaon

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AltF 142, Noida

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Frequently Asked Question

A virtual office provides the advantages of a physical office without burdening you with the cost of a physical office. You can get a professional business address for GST registration, MCA registration, or use the same as your official mailing address. It allows you to work remotely or expand your presence locally.

You can save costs, increase flexibility, and create a professional image of your business utilizing our virtual office address. Also, you can get the opportunity of working from anywhere. Limited face-to-face interaction is one disadvantage of virtual office, but you can utilize meeting rooms and temporary seating to mitigate the issue.

You can use the documentation of the virtual address for GST and MCA registration. The virtual address is also utilized to create a professional image of businesses without paying the hefty cost for the same.

The cost of virtual office registration depends on the services you may require. The Virtual address plans as offered by AltF Coworking allow you to use a virtual address for mailing services starting from INR 15,000 per year, while if you choose you buy a virtual office for GST registration and MCA registration, the same will cost around INR 30,000 per year.

Yes, you can use a virtual address for GST registration. However, please be informed that the virtual office should be located in the state where the business is taking GST registration.

The cost of a virtual office in Delhivirtual office in Delhidepends on the plans and services chosen by you. You can get a basic plan that offers a virtual office as a mailing address for INR 20,000 per year, while the prices can go up to INR 45,000 per year.

The cost of a virtual office in Noidadepends on the plans and services chosen by you. You can get a basic plan that offers a virtual office as a mailing address for INR 15,000 per year, while the prices can go up to INR 35,000 per year.

The cost of a virtual office in Gurgaon depends on the plans and services chosen by you. You can get a basic plan that offers a virtual office as a mailing address for INR 15,000 per year, while the prices can go up to INR 35,000 per year.

Virtual Office Solutions

AltF Coworking is an established provider of virtual office solutions in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida. AltF Coworking offers an extensive range of services with virtual office plans and caters to businesses of all sizes. Virtual office plans are attracting a vast number of companies across Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. Let's talk about how virtual offices are helping businesses grow without the cost and capital of a physical address.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a solution that provides businesses with a professional mailing address without the cost and capital of a physical space. It helps small companies tremendously with cutting costs and time spent in searching for a physical office. Virtual offices enable companies to get a registered address at prime locations without having to physically acquire space. It is ideal for companies that operate remotely or a services company that does not require physical space. AltF coworking provides the best virtual office plans across Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon.

Features of Virtual Office Space

Business Address:

A virtual office can be used for establishing a business address for a company. This can be advantageous as all companies need to comply with local laws and need to have a professional business address to carry out day-to-day operations and enrol for tax benefits.

Mail handling:

Virtual Office solutions are extremely helpful when it comes to handling postal mail. Businesses can have their mail and couriers delivered to the physical space their account is registered at. Companies have the convenience to have an official address for all parcel deliveries.

Phone answering:

A virtual office plan also offers call handling and call forwarding services to a number of your choice. You can also only opt for call handling where you get your messages instantly so that you don’t lose out on important calls.

Meeting rooms:

Several coworking spaces offer additional services apart from the essential virtual office elements like booking a meeting room on an hourly or daily basis. You can book these rooms on the go and host your clients in a professional working environment.

Plans Of Virtual Office Solutions in AltF Coworking

AltF Coworking has meticulously crafted virtual office plans to cover the needs of all businesses. AltF Coworking offers a business address plan, GST registration plan, and a business registration plan. As a business, you would need to look further than AltF Coworking if you are looking for a virtual office solution. Let’s look at these plans in detail.

Business Address Plan

A virtual Office Business Address Plan allows businesses to use the selected physical space as their official business address. The is the most basic plan and is helpful to companies who do not require a physical office to operate. A Business Address Plan adds a professional image to your company as people are more receptive to a corporate address than a home address. You can get a Business Address Plan in 2 hours with AltF Coworking.

The address you get can be used for mail receiving, call handling and forwarding and even concierge services. AltF Coworking is an industry leader in providing virtual office solutions. Your account is handled by experts who can cater to all your business needs.

GST Registration Plan

A virtual office plan with GST Registration is a great service when you want to register for a GST number in India. Since applying for a GST number requires a physical address, a virtual office can help you with this problem. You can choose a premium address with AltF Coworking and one of their centres in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon. An expert will call you instantly and handle your query.

AltF Coworking provides the GST Registration plan with or without credits. When you take the credits plan, you can book meeting rooms across all the centres in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. All you need to do is contact the support team and they will help you with booking a meeting room at your preferred time and date. You can use the café and other amenities at an additional cost.

Company Registration Plan

This is the most extensive virtual office plan AltF Coworking offers. It includes all the services from the Business Address Plan and the GST Registration Plan. Companies can use this plan to get documents to register their company with the local authorities. It is ideal for businesses that require a registered company address but not a physical space for operations. AltF Coworking has a with or without credits option under this plan as well.

Why choose AltF Coworking for Virtual Office Space and Virtual Office Services?

AltF Coworking is an industry leader in providing virtual office solutions in Gurgaon, Delhi and Noida. Here are some reasons why AltF Coworking is the preferred choice for businesses for virtual office solutions.

Several Locations: AltF Coworking has multiple locations across Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. With over 10 prime locations to choose from, you will get the most premium address for your company in any of the three cities.

Professional Address: AltF Coworking enables business to get a professional business address at a prestigious location. This assists businesses to enhance their brand value and get more customers.

Mail Handling Services: AltF Coworking provides efficient mail handling services for all its virtual office clients. This means that companies can have their mail and couriers sent to their virtual office registered at one of AltF Coworking’s physical properties.

Call Handling Services: AltF Coworking also offers call handling and forwarding services with their virtual office plans. Businesses can have their calls attended at the reception and have their messages delivered instantly to avoid any business loss and create healthy client relationships.

What types of Businesses Choose Virtual Office

With remote and hybrid modes of work being accepted by a lot of companies, the need of a physical office is decreasing. However, companies still need a registered business address to operate and virtual offices solve this problem with minimal effort. Let’s find out what type of companies are opting for virtual office plans and reducing their overhead costs.


Newly found start-ups cover the majority of the virtual office target market. Since start-ups by definition are just establishing themselves, they might not have the necessary funds or even the requirement of a physical office. In this case, most start-ups choose virtual office solutions as it solves the problem of having a registered business address, mail forwarding, call handling, and concierge services. Having a virtual office allows start-ups to focus on growth rather than worrying about overhead costs and capital.


Freelancers have the luxury to work from anywhere they want. It could be out of their basement in the house, or a coworking space, or even a coffee house. However, they still require a professional address for their business to build trust and authenticity among clients. Freelancers can use credits in the virtual office plan to book meeting rooms and impress prospect clients to convert deals. They can also avail all the services like mail handling, call forwarding and concierge services.

Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises:

MSMEs with a tight budget are also increasingly selecting virtual office plans. Small businesses are now able to focus on growing their company rather than thinking about renting or buying a physical office space. With virtual office solutions, small businesses can easily get a registered business address rather than looking for a traditional office space. This helps them to scale at a higher speed.

Foreign Companies:

International businesses in need of a registered business address in a certain country is a big target market for virtual office providers. As companies expand, the requirement for an office address in a specific country may arise and virtual offices are the way to go. It eliminates the issue of contacting real estate brokers and traveling to finalise physical office space. Foreign companies are eligible for all the services like mail handling, call forwarding, concierge services at an extra cost.

Non-Profit Organisations

A non-profit company is usually on a stringent budget as they are heavily dependent on the donations they receive. Getting an expensive physical space might not be the ideal choice. More and more non-profit organisations are choosing virtual office plans to get a professional business address and avail services like mail handling, call handling and concierge services.


Virtual office plans have accelerated growth among all kinds of businesses. With multiple plans to choose from that cover a business’s essential needs, virtual offices have enabled companies to focus solely on their business. AltF Coworking is a premier virtual office solutions provider with services like mail handling & forwarding, call handling & forwarding, concierge services, digital branding and extraordinary after sales support. If you are a growing company and require a professional business address, AltF Coworking should be your top choice. With over 10 locations of virtual offices in Noida, Delhi, and Gurgaon, AltF Coworking has mastered virtual office offerings and has a respected authority in the market.