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Say goodbye to long leases and hello to flexibility! If you are a solopreneur, Startup, or a small business looking for a professional business address in a prime location with endless services, welcome to AltF's Virtual Office Solutions. With us, embrace an access to proficient mail handling, dedicated concierge services, courier facilities and digital branding – all within an affordable range. Our virtual office space solutions are made to enhance your brand image, impress clients, and boost efficiency.

Business Address Plan

  • Mail Management & Courier Facility
  • Concierge Services
  • Starts at 15,000*/year
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GST Registration Plan

  • All inclusions of the Business Address Plan
  • Documents for GST Registration
  • Digital Branding
  • Starts at 15,000*/year
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Business Registration Plan

  • All inclusions of the Business Address Plan
  • Documents for GST and Business Registration
  • Digital Branding
  • Starts 20,000*/year
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Redeem your credits for

Temporary Seating Plan

Starting with
300 credits/Day/Person

Meeting Rooms

Starting with
100 credits/Hour/Person

Our Virtual Office Locations

Virtual Office

AltF Global Business Park Gurgaon

Virtual Office address

AltF Statesman House Delhi

Virtual Office address

AltF 101 Okhla Delhi

Virtual Office Space

AltF Empire Square Gurgaon

Virtual Office Space

AltF MPD Tower, Gurgaon

Virtual Office Space

AltF 142, Noida

Why Choose AltF Virtual Office?
Dedicated Support
  • All clients opting for our virtual office services get assistance from the sales team.To ensure a smooth journey with AltF Coworking, a key account manager will be assigned to you in case of any queries or concerns regarding our services.
  • As an added advantage, a person from the respective operations team will also be assigned to assist the clients with any unannounced visits related to the plan opted by them.
Legal Assistance
AltF Coworking boasts a designated in-house legal team to assist you and address any issues with your respective virtual office plan*
Fast Onboarding
Get all the necessary onboarding documents maximum in 3 working days.
Complimentary Credits
Enjoy free credits that can be used for booking Meeting Rooms or Temporary seating Plan at any of our locations.

How it works?

Select your preferred plan

Choose your location

Complete your payment
and KYC

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Frequently Asked Question

A virtual office is a service that allows companies to get a credible business address and professional support, without actually having a physical office of their own.


  1. AltF Statesman House- Connaught Place
  2. AltF Okhla 101 - Okhla


  1. AltF Global Business Park- M.G Road
  2. AltF Empire Square- MG Road
  3. AltF MPD Tower- Golf Course Road


  1. AltF 142 Noida- Noida Expressway

The basic price of a virtual office space varies as per the city preferences, requirements and plans.

City Price (INR) per year
Gurgaon 15,000
Delhi 20,000
Noida 15,000

AltF Coworking offers the virtual address with three plans-

  1. Business Address Plan

    This particular plan consists of the provision of the business address at one's demanded location. It offers the benefits of mail handling, concierge services, and a courier facility.

  2. GST Registration Plan

    It has all the inclusions of the business address plan with the documentation of virtual office for GST registration. Along with the essential benefits, one can use digital branding to promote the business identity settled with an address in a premium location.

  3. Business Registration Plan

    This plan has all the inclusions of the business address plan, GST Registration Plan along with required documents for business registration.

The price of a virtual office for GST Registration starts from 15,000 INR per year, and multiple benefits are offered along with the plan.

Virtual office advantages include cost-effectiveness, making business more credible with fixed addresses offering no overhead costs, professionalism, legitimacy, flexibility, no commute, easy expansion, and no long-term commitments.

Yes, AltF Coworking helps businesses with the documentation for the virtual office for company registration and correspondence so that they can register at the MCA portal.

The registration process for booking a virtual office space with AltF Coworking includes 4 easy steps-

  1. Select your suitable plan.
  2. Choose your preferred location.
  3. Complete payment and KYC.
  4. Get your required documents.

The amenities and services included in the AltF Virtual plan are-

  • Mail Handling
  • Concierge Services
  • Digital Branding
  • Courier facilities
  • Access to the Meeting Room

Yes, the meeting room booking is accessible as a virtual office space member with AltF Coworking. The provision offers Credits/Hour/Member starting from 100 and varying according to the property and forwarding the ambience suitable for meetings and discussions.

The process starts within 15 minutes, and AltF Coworking takes around 3-4 business working days to provide them with the virtual office documents.

Virtual Office for GST Registration in Delhi NCR

What Is A Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a solution that provides companies with an office address and all kinds of virtual office space solutions without even buying an actual office. It is the best choice for companies and employees who operate remotely.

Virtual offices are flexible solutions where companies use the address of the coworking space provider as their own without even having a physical office. AltF Coworking, which is among the top in the coworking industry today, provides extraordinary office space solutions along with virtual office solutions in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, in which GST and MCA Registration of companies is easy.

Why To Use A Virtual Office Space?

Virtual offices are the new choice for companies preferring remote work or hybrid work culture because these new-world workspace solutions are cost-effective and flexible, and you can get access to the world just by getting a Virtual office in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi with AltF Coworking. Virtual offices give adaptability to representatives, assists people with working from a distance, and gives different business capabilities through web innovation. They are exceptionally savvy and adaptable, permitting representatives to work any place and at whatever point they'd like at their accommodation.

4 Steps To Get A Virtual Office Solution

By following these 4 easy steps, companies can quickly get their virtual office and necessary facilities at AltF Coworking.

  1. Select your suitable plan.
  2. Choose your preferred location.
  3. Complete payment and KYC.
  4. Get your required documents.

Features Of Virtual Office Space Solutions:

Business Address

A place of work is required for any organization while establishing its business. Virtual offices assist organizations with having a professional name and address, which allows the company to get a professional image in the eyes of other businesses.

Meeting Rooms

Virtual office in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi under AltF Coworking offer meeting rooms to companies temporarily when required. At short notice, you can book meeting rooms and get the coworking space's benefits.

Mail Handling

Virtual offices offer mail handling where the coworking space provider takes care of the mail, and companies need not worry about it. This feature is an added advantage as everything necessary is noticed by the company even if they are not working from an actual office.

Digital Branding

Companies that offer the facility of a virtual office also offer digital branding services. They promote the identity and brand name of the organization to create an online presence. It involves the creation of a cohesive and digital experience so that the organization is known and people know everything about a virtual office setup.

Concierge Services

Those who choose our virtual office plan receive professional administrative support and help from the front desk managers who are available at our virtual office locations.

Courier Services

AltF Coworking provides courier handling services. If there are any packages of the company who has chosen a virtual office plan with us, we keep it with us, and companies do not need to worry about the same as it will be taken care of, on our end. However, you would need to collect it from the virtual office location.

A Virtual Office Is The Best Suited For?

Virtual offices are ideal for small and medium enterprises, startups, and freelancers because stability is less in the initial stages of a business, and buying an entire office is costly; thus, virtual offices suit the needs of such people, small businesses, and company owners.

Also, professionals who wish to work remotely or from anywhere of their choice can freely opt for a virtual office.

It is convenient, flexible, and cost-effective, and thus, companies that want to establish themselves at a desired location can easily choose a virtual office without needing to have a long term process of buying and setting up an entire operating office. Given the businesses that are majorly using our services

  1. Startups majorly cover the target market of virtual offices because buying an office space in the initial stages is complex, and the long-term lease is hectic. In the unstable stages of a business, buying an office is risky. Hence, the virtual office acts as a savior for them.
  2. Freelancers because they wish to work from home more as they need creativity and innovation at work.
  3. Micro, small, and medium enterprises who wish to expand and grow their network in major cities but have newly established themselves in a particular city.
  4. Foreign companies who want to establish their name and expand their business worldwide.

How Much Does A Virtual Office Cost?

The cost of a virtual office depends on the types of services that companies demand and are looking for. For example, if a company wishes for mailing services, a virtual office with AltF Coworking starts from 15,000 INR per year. In contrast, if a company wants a virtual GST and MCA Registration office, the costs go up to 30000 INR per year.

Plans of Virtual Office Solutions at AltF Coworking:

Business Address Plan

A business address plan under a virtual office allows companies to use the physical address as their company address. For companies that work remotely or can operate without a physical office, yet a business address is mandatory to operate without government intervention, our virtual office is best suited for them.

Therefore, companies use the virtual office address as their business address. It also adds credibility to their business and trust-building with other companies and organizations with ease.

Mail management and concierge facilities are available in this plan. The pricing of this plan starts from 1250 INR per month.

GST Registration Plan

A virtual office with GST registration plan is best suited for companies that wish to register for a GST number in India. By booking a virtual office, companies can quickly get themselves a GST number, and companies conveniently use the physical address for the same.

All the facilities of a Business Address Plan are included; companies get their GST Registration documents, too, and another added advantage of this plan is digital branding. That means the coworking space provider offers and does digital branding for the companies who have opted for this plan. Therefore, companies benefit greatly from this plan, and their work is hassle-free.

Pricing for this plan starts from 1500 INR per month.

Business Registration Plan

This plan provides companies with GST Registration and Business Registration documents, and all other benefits of GST registration and Business Address Plan are included here. And the prices start from 2085 INR per month.

Why Choose AltF Coworking For Virtual Offices Space Solutions?

Several Locations

We have shared office spaces at several locations like Okhla and Connaught Place in Delhi, in Noida, Sector 142 Noida Expressway, and MG Road and Golf Course Road in Gurgaon. Businesses can choose the virtual office solutions and plans by AltF Coworking to add credibility and professionalism to their company or business name. With these prime locations, businesses can get a better address and have a name among other companies.

Professional Address

We help businesses get a professional address and location, as their workspaces are strategically located in prime areas of Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. Having virtual office in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi is an advantage because companies get a prestigious and renowned name for themselves, which adds credibility and helps build trust for the company.


The flexibility is a by-product of virtual office from AltF Coworking. You can enter into the new work culture as preferred by GenZ, as they choose their work style from their working hours to working space.

Cross-border talent pool

When you are not restricted to a particular city or state, you can choose the cream of talent across borders. With virtual office in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida the borders are not a limit anymore.

Easy expansion

It’s only a matter of time before you will be expanding your business and, hence, your team. The best part of having a virtual address is that you won’t have to go through the lengthy process and formalities of expanding your workspace.

Cost-effective with zero overhead

Compared to the rental of a physical office space, the rent of a virtual office is minute, and you can also avoid the hefty cost that comes with the cover of overheads. This means no electricity bills, no water charges, and no maintenance costs.

Navigate with clarity; choose AltF Coworking

We understand that choosing an address for your business is a big decision, be it a physical address or a virtual address; this is why we have a team of workspace experts waiting to help you out. If you have second thoughts, let us assure you that with AltF Coworking Spaces, you need not think twice because we think about our members. We create the best-shared office spaces in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi, which cater to the needs of modern-day working professionals. It has eased out the process for freelancers, startups, and small and medium enterprises to such an extent that returning to traditional work is difficult.

With the provision of a virtual office to remote companies and workers, AltF Coworking has achieved a victory in the coworking industry. Virtual offices add to the advantage of companies because companies who work remotely get meeting and conference rooms temporarily. They also work efficiently with this, and that too, at a much lower cost. For companies starting new, they do require virtual offices at times. AltF Coworking has saved such companies by providing them with virtual offices at an affordable range, and companies get to use amenities at a fraction of the total expense.

Choose AltF Coworking Space and their virtual office space in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi today to enjoy your company's and employees' work-life balance and overall well-being.