Office Solution

Discover a solution that caters to you and your team's diverse needs and working styles.

Fixed Office

Team Office

Team size : 4 – 30 members

Starting from ₹ 10,000*/seat

*exclusive of GST

Privatized Suite

Privatized Suite: 30+

Starting from ₹ 8,500*/seat

*exclusive of GST

Dedicated Desk

Dedicated Desk: 1-3

Starting from ₹ 7,500*/seat

*exclusive of GST

Director Cabin

Director Cabin: 1-3

Starting from ₹ 25,000*

*exclusive of GST

Flexible Office

Meeting room

Starting from ₹ 100*/seat/hour

*exclusive of GST

Event space

Starting from ₹ 5,000*/slot

*exclusive of GST

Day pass

Starting from ₹ 300*/day

*exclusive of GST

Virtual Office

Business Address Plan

Starting from ₹ 15,000*/year

*exclusive of GST

GST Registration Plan

Starting from ₹ 18,000*/year

*exclusive of GST

Business Registration Plan

Starting from ₹ 25,000*/year

*exclusive of GST

Managed Office

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