Looking to invest in your own coworking space?

Partner with AltF and be a part of India’s fastest-growing coworking company.

How it Works ?

AltF identifies


AltF negotiates
with landlords

AltF plans layout
and designs.


Partner invests INR 1300 -
1700/sq.ft on the interior.

AltF markets the space and
operates end-to-end.


AltF and Partner share a fixed percentage of the profit.

Why Choose AltF?
Get a stable return on your investment.
Become a shareholder in the main company.
Get 15% - 30% return on investment.
Become a part of the coworking revolution.
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Top Coworking spaces near me

It has always been a dilemma to choose the best coworking office that not only provides a good ambiance but also the right location for any client to locate easily. It is always suggested to choose the shared office at a prime location. By prime location it means-

Accessibility of conveyance Known landmarks to locate the coworking office

Availability of restaurants and shopping malls Ample parking space

Located in a commercial area

It is a good idea to get connected to various co-workers coming from different fields of service under one roof.

This opportunity is possible when you choose a coworking space.

Frequently Asked

AltF offers four types of offices for teams of varying sizes:

  1. Dedicated Desk:Ideal for teams of 1-4 people who want a permanent workspace. You get a personal desk, chair, and locker in a shared office space..
  2. Team Office: Ideal for teams of 4-20 people who need a private workspace. You get a fully-furnished, lockable office with ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, and IT support.
  3. Privatized Suite:Ideal for teams of 20-50+ people who need a self-contained workspace. You get a large, private suite with multiple offices, meeting rooms, and common areas.
  4. Director Cabin: Ideal for senior-level management who need a private, secure workspace.

Your membership with us comes with a range of inclusions designed to make your work experience seamless and hassle-free. Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Electricity with complete power backup
  • Hi-Speed Wi-Fi Internet of 40-100 Mbps
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee
  • Housekeeping services
  • Dedicated UPS for Seamless Internet Connectivity
  • Scanner/Printer with a quota of 100 black and white prints per person per month.
  • 800 Credits Per Person Per Month for Meeting Room Access

Yes, you can host guests in your private cabin, lounges, or relax zones, but we ask that you keep your guest list limited to avoid disruptions to other members.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your cabin size based on your team’s requirements. We offer flexible options to accommodate your changing needs, subject to availability. Please contact our community managers in advance to discuss your options.

Smoking is allowed in designated smoking zones only. We take the health and safety of our members very seriously, so we ask that you refrain from smoking in closed operational areas. We also encourage you to be mindful of others and ensure that smoking does not cause any inconvenience to fellow members.

Unfortunately, we do not offer single-seater cabins as the minimum cabin requirement is for 3 seats.

For individuals, we require a valid photo ID and an address proof of the user. For companies, in addition to the photo ID and address proof, we also need a copy of the company’s PAN card and Memorandum of Association (MOA). These documents help us verify the identity of the user and ensure that our premises are used by authorized individuals.

At Altf, we provide high-speed internet of 40-100 Mbps on our premises. So you can enjoy a seamless working experience.