Sector 142, Noida

AltF Noida 142

Situated on Noida Expressway, this fine and the most beautiful coworking space in Noida is the powerhouse of dynamic and collaborative working. This is the best place for an office space for rent in Noida which offers a flexible work culture with flexible seating plans and encourages growth and productivity. This high-end shared office space in Noida is refined and graceful, providing a superior value to small and medium teams ranging from 4-30 members, and adds to convenient working. The modern work ambiance and interaction among members allows networking and collaboration and opens the pathway to new opportunities. The nearby metro connectivity and E-rickshaw facility provides easy commuting for AltF Coworking’s members.

  • Most elite coworking space in Noida
  • 5 minutes’ walk from Sector 142 Metro Station
  • Operational 6 days a week
  • E-rickshaw service for women

Proposed Price : 6,000 - 7,000*/seat/month

*T&C Apply
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Plot No. 21 & 21A, Sector 142, Noida

Available workspace

office space for rent in noida

Team Office

user 4-30 Members

office space in noida

Privatized Suites

user 30+ Members

coworking space noida

Director Cabin

user 1-3 Members

Day-pass in noida

Temporary Seating Plan


meeting room in noida

Meeting Room


Business adress in noida

Business Address

Starting from

15,000 + GST

GST Registration in noida

GST Registration

Starting from

18,000 + GST

Business Registration in noida

Business Registration

Starting from

25,000 + GST


  • High-speed Wi-fi High-speed
  • Complimentary Tea Coffee Complimentary Tea & Coffee
  • Housekeeping Housekeeping
  • Printing/Scanning Printing/Scanning
  • Break out area Break out area
  • Reception Reception
  • 5 Layer Security 5 Layer Security
  • Fully-furnished Fully-furnished
  • 24*7 power backup 24*7 power backup
  • Electricity Maintenance Electricity & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Question

This coworking space is operational 7 days a week. And the timings are 9 AM to 10 PM. Members get access to the premises on Sundays too.

It is located on Noida Expressway, Sector 142, and the nearest metro station is Sector 142 Metro Station.

The proposed price for seats for office space for rent in Noida by AltF Coworking ranges between 7000 INR- 8000 INR. However, prices vary according to the kind of seat demanded by companies.And we offer 50% off for 2 months for companies booking seats at AltF Noida 142.

Unlimited tea and coffee, access to lounge areas and breakout rooms, access to gaming zones, etc., are included in the price at this coworking space in Noida.

Yes, a virtual plan is available here at AltF Noida 142, and also AltF Coworking helps companies opting for virtual offices in GST and MCA Registration.

The documentation for the virtual office space in Noida takes around 3-5 working days.

Coworking is a new concept in the market so it is difficult to leave our trusted traditional office space and work from a space owned and managed by someone else, but trust us, you are doing yourself a favor by delegating more than half of non-productive responsibilities to the experts. Most of the world has learned its lesson and is focusing on its core functions, so we believe it's time you should do the same.

For better understanding, we have compared both the offices below for you:

Factors Coworking Space Traditional Office
Cost Factor Cost-effective in terms of rental, capital expenditure, and overheads. Comparatively high in cost because rental, overheads and other expenses are taken care of by the owner, and it often exceeds budget constraints.
Networking Networking opportunities are better due to the interactive work environment. Employees from only one company work in traditional set-up; hence, networking is rare.
Scalability Easy scalability with no lengthy formalities. Lacks scalability as it requires a significant formality and investment.
Productivity Functional and aesthetic designs that enhance productivity. Productivity remains the same, and not many changes are seen here.

Unlock your Business Potential with the Best Coworking Space in Noida at AltF Noida 142

Newly designed, high in motivation and innovation, and the ideal work ambiance with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, AltF Coworking in Noida 142 is a modern-day workspace in high demand due to its perfection and professionalism it provides, being one of the greatest and most known workspaces in Noida. Situated on Noida Expressway, Sector 142, Noida, it is a well-known and elite coworking space.

For someone who is willing to work with comfort and looking for a cozy work setup, AltF Noida 142 is just the correct place. Supremely decorated and furnished with the latest designs, this coworking space in Noida is known as the pinnacle of luxurious working in Noida.

We are among the best coworking spaces in Noida and our workspaces are pragmatic and high in innovation. Our shared office spaces are fully loaded with amenities like high-speed internet connection, printing and copying machines, complimentary tea and coffee, and breakout zones with games, allowing an interruption-free work environment with relaxation during breaks for employees, and the beautiful newly designed ergonomic seating plans and interior designs at the workplace with affordable pricing, act as a motivational and encouraging factor for employees choosing our shared office space in Noida.

The perfect blend of innovation, comfort, professionalism, and optimism at the workplace is rare to find, but we, with AltF Noida 142, have broken barriers and created just the perfect coworking space in Noida for better performance results and outputs by members. The comfortable ambiance and atmosphere keep employees happy and content at work, leading to enhanced productivity.

Reasons for the Uniqueness of AltF Coworking Noida 142:

  1. The endless range of top-notch amenities:

    • Complimentary tea and coffee for relaxation

      Our office spaces for rent in Noida provide unlimited tea and coffee for employees; coffee machines are installed in our shared office space of Noida Sector 142. This adds to the relaxation of employees during and after working hours.

      Printer and scanner

      Access to common printing and copying facilities at a shared office space in Noida ensures easy working; employees can use these services with ease, adding to convenience and flexibility.

      Games and communal areas for chilling after work

      Our coworking space in Noida has fun and games, and we also have communal areas for employees where they can relax and reset their mindsets for healthy working. Having games at the workplace is a great way of creating a stress-free work environment.

      Great support and administration

      We at AltF Noida 142 have excellent administration and support members to help employees and companies choose us. In case of any queries or issues related to the workspace, front desk management, administration, and a group of supportive staff help employees.

      The availability of in-house staff adds to convenient and hassle-free working. Members do not need to worry about issues related to the workspace, as our supportive staff members are ready to serve at any given point in time. These make the workspace easy to work in, and create a healthy working environment.

  2. Office space solutions and fully furnished workspaces

    We take care of our employees and their demands from the ideal workspace. The modern generation looks for flexible working where growth and innovation are seen. We aim to create the best workplace for our employees, and AltF Noida 142 is excellent at fulfilling this because of its wide range of amenities and office space solutions of all kinds.

    Types of workspaces at AltF Noida 142:

    1. Fixed Office

      • Team Office

        This workspace is suitable for a team of 4-30 members and is available according to the company’s needs and requirements. AltF Noida 142 provides team offices to companies in need, and their workspaces are fully furnished and designed with beautiful interiors for flexible working.

      • Privatized suites

        This kind of workspace is more extensive and best suited for 30 or more members. This is a large office space where employees working on a similar project work together in the same area. The fully furnished and comfortable seating plans at privatized office suites allow easy and interruption-free working for companies choosing this kind of workspace.

      • Director’s cabin

        Some companies demand for a director’s cabin, where 2-3 members can conduct meetings with privacy and no disturbance. Such a workspace is also available at AltF Noida 142 to ensure that companies do not face any obstacles in their functioning in office space. AltF Coworking in Noida 142 ensures that safety, privacy, and security at work are maintained as their 5-layer security is also available for companies.

      • Dedicated Desk

        We provide dedicated desks to individuals who believe in solo working like freelancers, and young working professionals. In a dedicated desk, you get your own isolated workspace with a comfortable chair and ample storage space.

    2. Flexible office

      Flexible offices at AltF Noida 142 include temporary seating plans, which include meeting rooms on an hourly basis and temporary seats as per the company’s requirements.

      • Temporary seating plan

        This includes seats on a temporary basis, which could be daily or monthly. Companies book seats for the time period of their requirement and then use them readily without any hassle. Seats at AltF Noida 142 are available at 800 INR/day, adding to the convenience of companies needing seats for a short period of time, but it is an ideal work environment.

      • Meeting room

        Meeting rooms are available on a temporary basis, which is 200 INR/ hour. This is suited for companies who wish to conduct meetings at times when they require a peaceful and focused environment for work. This convenience of booking seats on an urgent basis at AltF Noida 142 is liked by companies, which is why AltF Noida has become among the most preferred coworking spaces in Noida today.

    3. Virtual Office

      Our virtual office solutions provide businesses with a prominent address, a professional name, and an image. We offer the plan of a virtual office in Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi to companies who are wishing for a professional business address without having a physical office. This plan suits owners looking for credibility and a business address. While choosing a virtual office plan, we also provide hassle-free GST and business registration. Companies can readily use virtual office for GST registration and virtual office for business registration. Businesses who wish to expand their company name without having a physical presence can go ahead with this plan.

Discover the Epitome of New-Age Coworking in Noida at AltF 142:

We believe in providing the best work experience to our employees. We want the best for them and aim to create workspaces that are more than just luxurious or professional. We also want to create a healthy work-life balance for employees and companies choosing AltF Coworking in Noida. Our mission is to care for the overall wellness of people choosing AltF Coworking in Gurgaon, Noida and Delhi.

We have successfully created a work ambiance where creativity meets passion, and our workspaces provide innovation and inspiration and accelerate growth and personality development for employees choosing this coworking space in Noida.

“We don’t compromise, neither should you.”