Sector 68, Noida

AltF Grovy Optiva

A dynamic and vibrant coworking space in Noida Sector 68, which offers an excellent work culture and promotes harmony and productivity at work. This coworking space in Noida is spacious, and dedicated because all the floors are dedicated to coworking, and the top-notch amenities like excellent internet connection, tech-integrated meeting and conference rooms, and supportive staff and management make this an ideal coworking space in Noida. Situated at a 5 minute’s distance from Sector 62 metro station, this is the best for renting an office space in Noida. State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities enhance working and the seating arrangements available at affordable prices enhance the work life of coworkers choosing this office space.

  • Perfect shared office space in Noida for growing teams
  • Independent building with 3 floors of coworking space
  • Conveniently located from Sector 62 Metro Station
  • Signature AltF Cafe for members

Proposed Price : 6,000 - 7,000*/seat/month

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Sector-68, Noida

Available workspace

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Team Office

user 4-30 Members

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Privatized Suites

user 30+ Members

Shared office space in noida

Dedicated Desk

user 1-3 Members

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Director Cabin

user 1-3 Members

Meeting Room in noida

Meeting Room

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Event Space in noida

Event Space

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Business Address in noida

Business Address

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  • High-speed Wi-fi High-speed
  • Complimentary Tea Coffee Complimentary Tea & Coffee
  • Housekeeping Housekeeping
  • Printing/Scanning Printing/Scanning
  • Break out area Break out area
  • Reception Reception
  • 5 Layer Security 5 Layer Security
  • Fully-furnished Fully-furnished
  • 24*7 power backup 24*7 power backup
  • Electricity Maintenance Electricity & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

AltF Grovy Optiva is situated in Noida sector 68.

It is operational from Monday to Saturday, and the timings are from 8 AM to 9 PM.

Endless amenities like internet connection, breakout rooms, complimentary tea and coffee, cafeteria, access to scanners and printers, power backup, and electricity and maintenance are included in our coworking space in Noida. Flexible memberships without long term leases are also available. Fixed, flexible and virtual offices are available, and you can book the type that best suits your company requirements. Prices are affordable, and the work environment is ideal for growth and development of employees. Food vendor and vending machines are also available, adding to the relaxation of employees during breaks.

Surface parking and membership parking is available. In membership, 1 parking per 30 seats is covered.

SMEs, startups and solopreneurs benefit the most from this coworking space in Noida, because endless amenities with the appropriate work environment are available here, at reasonable prices.

Driven by motivation and vibrant atmosphere, AltF Grovy Optiva is the best place to choose a shared office space in Noida. This coworking space has endless amenities, good infrastructure, comfortable seating with ergonomic furniture, and the perfect environment for focused working conducive to networking, collaboration and innovative working.

You can reach this workspace via metro. You can either commute through sector 59 metro station or sector 61 metro station in Noida. It is hardly 5-8 minutes drive from either of these metro stations, and you can reach here conveniently without any hassles.

Working from home is convenient and even cost-friendly as there are no expenses related to commuting, but distractions, loneliness and feeling of isolation may take a toll while working from home. Often, feelings of procrastination are bound to take place, when you are freely working on your terms, and productivity might get hampered. But, a coworking space saves employees from these.

A coworking space offers the perfect environment for working, sets the tone right for proper functioning, and allows interaction with several employees of other backgrounds, hence, creating new opportunities at work due to networking and collaboration. The amenities, facilities, tech-equipped workstations and ideal work ambiance, everything is available at cost-friendly prices, thus, a coworking space is any day better than working from home.

AltF Grovy Optiva- Creative Workspace, Creative Working

Welcome to the world of dynamic work, where professionalism meets comfort. AltF Grovy Optiva is a powerhouse for focused and productive work and is an excellent office space for rent in Noida. AltF Grovy Optiva is a power-packed shared office space in Noida's corporate hub, sector 68, close to Sector 63. Get office space options and flexible workspaces from our prime coworking space in Noida. This office space for rent in Noida is the greatest since it has limitless amenities, comfortable chairs, and the best work environment that promotes organisational growth and expansion.

Seats are fairly priced, and workstations are technologically modern, making the workplace welcoming and easy to work in. The front desk managers and administration are supportive and are ready to serve you in times of need. In cases of urgency or any queries, our experts are ready to help you and provide the best assistance. It is operational from Monday to Saturday, and the timings are from 8 AM to 9 PM, and is voted among the best coworking spaces in Noida due to the multiple features and benefits that it provides to coworkers.

Spanned across 3 floors with ample space for coworking, AltF Grovy Optiva stands as a beacon in the coworking industry. The ground floor is dedicated to the reception and breakout zones, and the first and second floors are dedicated to coworking. The workspace is conducive to focused working with quiet meeting and conference rooms for a better work-life and successful working of professionals. Our coworking space in Noida is spacious and has around 300 seats.

The environment encourages concentrated work, with quiet meetings and conference spaces for better work-life and excellent professional performance, and firms operate with the most remarkable devotion and efficiency since the work environment encourages SMEs and entrepreneurs to thrive and work with their best mindset. Our creative and beautifully designed shared office space in Noida offers the best to employees and helps them in working with ease, creativity and innovation.

Attributes of AltF Grovy Optiva

AltF Grovy Optiva is a well-known and highly sought-after coworking space in Noida that provides a healthy work environment for professionals while adding great value to SMEs. Our workspaces are elite, but the prices are simple. Our goal of delivering an enhanced work experience with optimum productivity is justified here since we are more than just a workspace. Coworking in Noida with AltF Grovy Optiva is a source of encouragement for aspiring professionals looking for a change in their mundane work lives. The abundant natural sunlight and the friendly colleagues interact with each other, leading to the formation of an optimistic, new-age shared office space. AltF Grovy Optiva is all you need to excel, develop your skills, and be the best at work. Choose AltF Grovy Optiva to maximise the benefits of a shared office space in Noida, and experience marvellous coworking in Noida.

Office Space Solutions at AltF Grovy Optiva

Fixed, flexible, and virtual office space solutions are available at our shared office space in Noida Sector 68, near Sector 63.

Provisions And Facilities Of AltF Grovy Optiva

AltF Signature Cafe For Members

Our coworking space has a signature cafe for the members and clients who choose this workplace. Ergonomic furniture, numerous food and beverage options, and a friendly environment make the cafeteria a relaxation zone for employees after a stressful day at work. It is well-known and the best coworking space in Noida with extraordinary benefits.

Ideal Work Environment Supporting Better Working

The friendly and balanced work atmosphere at AltF Grovy Optiva is better for enhancing employee productivity. The flow of positivity and professionalism at our shared workspace makes it highly desirable and suitable for efficient working. We provide a work ambiance supporting networking, collaboration, and business expansion. Employees of diverse work backgrounds come to work here, and in their free time, they interact to network further, collaborate, and develop their skills for a successful career ahead. We provide a multitude of benefits with the appropriate work environment at the same place at reasonable prices. AltF Grovy Optiva's pleasant and balanced work environment promotes staff productivity, and justifies coworking in Noida.

Cost-effectiveness Leads To Networking And Collaboration, And Thus, Expansion

Our shared office space in Noida has positive energy and professionalism throughout which make it highly desirable and appropriate for efficient functioning. We provide a work environment conducive to networking, collaboration, and uncomplicated business advancement. Employees from various work experiences come to work here, and in their spare time, they interact to network and collaborate, thereby developing their talents for a successful career ahead. Face-to-face interaction also leads to collaboration, so many firms expand easily. We offer a wide range of advantages while also providing an ideal work atmosphere at reasonable prices.

Endless Amenities And Possibilities For Growth

The list of amenities at work helps employees to function smoothly.

Amenities in AltF Grovy Optiva

- High-speed WiFi

- Complimentary Tea and Coffee

- Housekeeping

- Breakout Area

- Reception

- 5 Layer Security

- 24*7 Backup

- Electricity and Maintenance

- Tech-advanced Workstations

- Parking Facilities

Proximity to Nearby Metro Stations

- 8 Minute drive to Sector 59 metro station

- 6 Minute drive to Sector 61 metro station

The nearby metro connectivity is like a boon for professionals travelling from the nearby cities, and potential clients can easily visit, and build connections with the workspace.

AltF Grovy Optiva- The Epitome Of Productivity and Innovation At Work

AltF Grovy Optiva, the disruptive coworking space in Noida, welcomes entrepreneurs and small businesses for coworking in Noida with open arms. Our core focus is on delivering superior value and facilitating unstoppable growth for startups. AltF's unique persona resembles that of a dedicated coach, fostering an atmosphere of sincerity, engagement, and democratised evolution. AltF Grovy Optiva is not just about providing a workspace; it's about curating an empowering experience. We proudly stand as a beacon, promising unparalleled value for small teams, making it the ideal choice for those embarking on a journey toward shared success. It is an amazing option for choosing the best coworking space in Noida, which beautifies coworking and acts as a source of encouragement for workers to switch to coworking and utilise maximum benefits from the same. For getting the best coworking office space in Noida, visit AltF Grovy Optiva.

Visit AltF Grovy Optiva to maximise benefits of work life, and enjoy coworking in Noida with the same. Get the perfect work-life balance with us. Choose AltF, choose success.

“We don’t compromise, neither should you.”