Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

AltF Statesman House

Situated in the heart of the capital city, this coworking space in Delhi offers the finest work experience to professionals. It caters to the needs of small and medium enterprises, which adds superior value to teams with 4-30 members. The prestigious location of this supreme coworking space in Connaught Place Delhi adds credibility to businesses and offers professionalism at work. It is high on amenities like excellent internet connectivity, housekeeping and maintenance, complimentary tea and coffee, breakout rooms, access to common printers and copy machines, power backup, and fire safety measures. Further, it is situated in close proximity to metro stations and public transportation, providing effortless access and commute for corporate workers in the Delhi NCR region throughout.

  • Coworking space in the heart of Delhi
  • Located just 150m from Barakhamba Metro Station
  • One of the most iconic buildings’ in Connaught Place
  • Great for small teams looking for coworking in Delhi

Proposed Price : 15,000*/seat/month

Coworking space in Delhi
Office space for Rent in Delhi
Coworking space in Delhi
Coworking Space in New Delhi


Barakhamba Road, New Delhi

Available workspace

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Team Office

user 4-10 Members

coworking space in cannaught place delhi

Privatized Suites

10+ Members

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Director Cabin

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Temporary Seating Plan


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Meeting Room


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Event Space

Proposed Price


Business Address in Delhi

Business Address

Starting from

20,000 + GST

GST Registration in Delhi

GST Registration

Starting from

25,000 + GST

Business Registration in Delhi

Business Registration

Starting from

30,000 + GST


  • High-speed Wi-fi High-speed
  • Complimentary Tea Coffee Complimentary Tea & Coffee
  • Housekeeping Housekeeping
  • Printing/Scanning Printing/Scanning
  • Break out area Break out area
  • Reception Reception
  • 5 Layer Security 5 Layer Security
  • Fully-furnished Fully-furnished
  • 24*7 power backup 24*7 power backup
  • Electricity Maintenance Electricity & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

This coworking space is operational 6 days a week and the timings are from 9 AM to 9 PM.

The process for booking a virtual office space is quite simple, just follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Select your preferred plan
  2. Choose your location
  3. Complete the payment and KYC
  4. You will get your documents.

Surface parking is available. And the membership also includes parking. Membership parking is also available, 1 in 30 seats is covered.

You can book a meeting room as per the availability. 4 seater meeting rooms are available, at 200 INR per seat per hour. And it can be customised and the seats can be expanded if the company demands that.

This coworking space is situated near the Barakhamba Metro Station. You can easily reach this coworking space through the metro facility. Public transportation is also available for an easy commute.

Coworking spaces are mainly beneficial to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses. Remote workers also profit from the virtual office services provided by coworking spaces.

Locations like Connaught Place, Okhla, Nehru Place, NSP, Dwarka etc. are ideal for booking a shared office space in Delhi.

Amenities include excellent internet connectivity, breakout rooms, common scanners and printers, complimentary tea and coffee, electricity backup, parking facilities, tech-equipped workstations, administrative support and so on. All these are needed for smooth running of companies choosing coworking in Delhi.

The Ultimate Coworking Experience With AltF Statesman House

If you are looking for a professional and attentive workplace with the perfect blend of comfort and flexibility, you are at the right place. AltF Statesman House welcomes you to the world of coworking in Delhi with its cutting-edge amenities, facilities, technology, and administration. Elevate your work life with our premium coworking space in Connaught Place, Delhi. It has all the necessities needed for smoothly running organisations with team sizes of 30 members.

Coworking spaces are shared office spaces in which people from various firms or industries collaborate on their respective projects. You may be questioning why such a workstation is necessary. An office space where multiple sectors meet produces a balanced working environment with ample opportunities for networking and cooperation, as well as opportunities for growth and innovation. Experience the new-age working with AltF Statesman House in Delhi and prosper at work.

Noticeable Aspects Of AltF Statesman House

AltF Statesman House is the powerhouse of dynamic working that delivers a professional work atmosphere, top-notch amenities, and various seating options to firms based on their needs, including fixed, flexible, and virtual offices. This coworking space in Connaught Place, Delhi, is well-known for its premium location, which allows businesses to get credibility and brand exposure. AltF Statesman House is located in the heart of the capital city, near the Barakhamba Metro Station. It provides good connectivity to other cities, allowing businesses to expand and thrive easily.

Our goals include creating transformational and empowering office spaces and encouraging and innovating employees. We aim to provide the best coworking experience and an ideal work-life balance to employees choosing our coworking space in Delhi.

Office Space Solutions of AltF Statesman House

Fixed Office

Office space solutions for SMEs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are available here. Fixed offices consisting of privatised suites, team offices, and director's cabins are provided by this shared office space in Connaught Place, Delhi. This location is the dream location for many firms that have started their new business and are looking for elite workspaces at simple prices along with brand identity and a professional image.

Flexible Office

AltF Statesman House, the elite coworking space in Connaught Place, Delhi, also offers flexible office space, including temporary seating arrangements for 800 INR per day and meeting rooms for 200 INR per hour. AltF Statesman House is the ideal location for a pop-up stand to attract customers and collaborate. We give event space on a slot basis for 5000 INR for each pop-up or event.

Virtual Office

Are you a remote working company looking for a professional address? Worry no more. AltFStatesman House has the appropriate solution for your issue. A virtual office address gives businesses an office address and several other benefits of a virtual office without needing an actual office. It is the ideal option for firms and people who work remotely.

Virtual offices in Delhi are flexible alternatives in which companies utilise the coworking space provider's address as their own without having a real office. AltF Coworking, one of the leading organisations in the coworking sector today, offers fantastic office space options and virtual offices for company registration in Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi, with quick GST and MCA registration processes. Their virtual office provisions include:

How is AltF Statesman House the best for your business?

Range of Top-notch Amenities

Amenities like high-speed internet connection, access to scanners and printers, complimentary tea and coffee, electricity backup, 5-layer security, parking facilities, breakout area, administrative services, housekeeping, ergonomic furniture, maintenance, and front desk management are the key provisions of this coworking space in Delhi. All these facilities and amenities make the workplace professional and easy to work in. The endless amenities create stress-free working, an environment ideal for growth, and more employee productivity.

Easy Commutes From Distant Locations

AltF Statesman House has excellent metro connectivity, which allows people to commute easily to nearby cities or far-off locations. Also, parking facilities in our coworking space in Central Delhi make it easier for professionals to reach their work locations. Choose our coworking space for booking an office space for rent in Delhi, and enjoy multitude of amenities and benefits in a single place.

No overheads allow cost-savings for companies

In coworking spaces in Delhi, you pay for the space you rent. Certain utilities are required regardless of how much you wish to save on overhead costs. For example, power supply, safe drinking water supply, and so on are all unavoidable expenses. At AltF Statesman House, you get facilities and resources along with endless amenities, and overheads are cut down, adding to cost savings for the company and the organisation.

Enhanced Productivity At Work

Coworking in Delhi is known because of the excellent amenities, flexible seating plans and reservations, and optimal work atmosphere. This coworking space in Delhi, allows you to work comfortably, without any hassles. If you want to grow, expand, or broaden your job benefits, this is the greatest shared office space in Delhi for you. Seats are moderately priced, and ergonomic furniture promotes employees' physical health and well-being.

Flexible Memberships And No Long Term Leases

This coworking space in Delhi provides customisable seats and workspaces along with flexible membership packages. This allows individuals and organisations to select the options that best meet their personal needs, whether it's a shared desk for four, six, eight, or more people or booking an office space for a group. Our flexible approach includes reasonable customisation choices, ensuring easy scalability for companies. Easy scalability also means easy expansion for growing enterprises.

The Perfect Work-Life Balance

Choose AltF Statesman House for booking an office space for rent in Delhi, and for getting the best work-life balance because the relaxed and stress-free work environment lets employees perform at their peak. Increased productivity and efficiency in our shared office space in Delhi enable people to work satisfactorily while separating their personal and professional lives. This enables workers to achieve the ideal work-life balance while making their workplace more convenient.Choose AltF Statesman House, the best coworking space in Delhi for enhancing your work life and productivity.

Experiencing the Uniqueness Of Coworking With AltF Statesman House

Welcome to the world of coworking in Delhi at AltF Statesman House. We strive to provide a high-quality work experience to professionals who want profitability, progress, and innovation at work. We are the powerhouse of dynamic working, combined with the ideal balance of professionalism and comfort at work. Our coworking space in Connaught Place, Delhi, assures productivity and efficiency by providing an excellent work environment, networking, and collaborative opportunities. AltF Statesman House offers coworking in Delhi with an amazing experience. Choose AltF Coworking choose success at work.

"We don't compromise, neither should you."