Okhla, New Delhi

AltF 101 Okhla

Situated in the corporate centre of South Delhi, AltF Coworking space in Okhla is a prime coworking space in Delhi which is fully furnished and equipped with top-notch amenities like high speed internet connection for speedy working, fully furnished and tech-integrated workstations to enhance efficiency and housekeeping and maintenance for stress-free work culture. AltF Coworking in Okhla 101 provides office space solutions of all kinds, including fixed, flexible, managed, and virtual offices space as per the company’s requirements. The nearby metro connectivity allows an easy commute for people travelling from far-off locations or anywhere in the Delhi NCR. With all these amenities and facilities, AltF Coworking space in Okhla 101 is set to redefine how professionals work, think, and grow at work.

  • 3 Floors of prime coworking space in Delhi
  • 5 minutes’ from NSIC Okhla Metro Station
  • AltF Signature Cafe for members
  • Plenty of parking space available

Proposed Price : 7,000 - 8,000*/seat/month

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Coworking space in Delhi
Office space for Rent in Okhla, Delhi
Coworking space in Okhla, Delhi
Coworking Space in Delhi


101, Mathura Rd, CRRI, Ishwar Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi

Available workspace

Coworking Space in Delhi

Team Office

user 4-30 Members

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Privatized Suites

user 30+ Members

Shared Office Space Delhi

Dedicated Desk

user 1-3 Members

Coworking Space Delhi

Director Cabin

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Meeting Room in Delhi

Meeting Room

Event Space in Delhi

Event Space

Virtual Office in Gurgaon

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15,000 + GST

Virtual Office for GST Registration

GST Registration

Starting from

20,000 + GST

Virtual Office for Business Registration

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25,000 + GST


  • High-speed Wi-fi High-speed
  • Complimentary Tea Coffee Complimentary Tea & Coffee
  • Housekeeping Housekeeping
  • Printing/Scanning Printing/Scanning
  • Break out area Break out area
  • Reception Reception
  • 5 Layer Security 5 Layer Security
  • Fully-furnished Fully-furnished
  • 24*7 power backup 24*7 power backup
  • Electricity Maintenance Electricity & Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

The basic price range in categorizing the coworking space in Okhla is 6000-8000, apart from that, the price depends on the members' needs to acquire the number of seats.

Compared to office spaces, coworking spaces are worth paying for as these shared office spaces not only entitle the physical space to initiate or explore but also give the benefit of the varied amenities, which enhances the productivity of the particular work.

A dedicated desk or workstation takes 75 to 95 square feet per employee; other than that, the private workspaces require an average of 150 sq/ft.

Amenities that can be achieved by acquiring a shared office space in Okhla, Delhi are the dedicated desk, meeting room, director room, conference room, cafeteria, recreational lounges, breakout zone, pantry, security, high-speed web, printing, scanning, and others depending upon the needs.

The fixed desk at the coworking space in Okhla starts from the minimum value of 7000. At the same time, it might get changed as per the different coworking platform.

Crafting Magic Coworking Space in Okhla- AltF Coworking Presence Unveiled

The Coworking Revolution

Coworking spaces are a one-stop solution where people from assorted industries work freely but share a common physical space. It is a platform open to startup small business setup businesses and every categorization of business. It is a playground promoting a relaxed, imaginative, and collaborative environment where experts, freelancers, business specialists, and individuals can associate and form a sense of community building.

It is a base for advancement, collaboration, and exploration. These shared office spaces include dedicated desks, meeting rooms, director rooms, recreational lounges, breakout zones, and cafeterias. It's a boon facilitating the perfect preinstalled amenities at your convenience to ensure efficient work productivity.

Coworking spaces in today's time are extending their viable beneficiaries in the prominent locales of Delhi, especially Okhla. Coworking in Delhi has flexible work situations. These spaces are more organized than conventional setups and are frequently chosen by businesses that require space but need to share specific amenities and assets to decrease costs. Shared office spaces in Okhla provide a professional setting with administrations like gathering, security, maintenance, and accessibility to the entities to carry out the business efficiently.

AltF Coworking

AltF Coworking welcomes you to the den of a cluster of amenities and benefits along with the workspace to fulfill the needs and comforts of the different business setups. It provides the best flexible workspaces that match with the present-day needs. It adjusts to the advancing needs of a varied workforce, curing the segregation of conventional workspaces and promoting a culture of collaboration and versatility.

AltF Coworking is always on its toes to serve you with the best working spaces matching experts' requirements. Even if you are a startup or new business looking for three or more seating facilities, you must worry as things can work accordingly. Amenities include the shared assets benefit in the joint space arena. AltF Coworking exists to work efficiently to complete the dreams you bring up with the start or the expansion of your businesses.

The premises provide the Product range, Fixed office, Flexible office, Managed office, and Virtual office.

Okhla 101 is a new addition to the property canvas of AltF Coworking. It has a total of 725 seats distribution covering the 50000 sq ft. area. The accessibility includes Monday to Saturday with the time access of 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Cutting Edge Amenities at Okhla 101 Coworking Space in Delhi

Dedicated Desks

Devoted workstations and private office spaces are the specializations of AltF Coworking with Okhla 101 at your convenience to ease the particular search to hunt down comfortable workspaces. Dedicated and private office spaces are the needs of today's hustling business setups. The customization option as per the necessities at affordable rates is well ensured.

Recreational Lounges

Our coworking space in Delhi starts with creative lounges, which give a dynamic and vibrant vibe that makes it different from the traditional office space.

Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms are a standing commodity in Okhla 101 that is installed with innovative technology, whiteboards, and screens to ensure productivity. Booking a meeting room at short notice is also a factor available to us, which is not provided by the many other coworking spaces.

Director Room

Whether a single work area or a Director room, Coworking spaces in Delhi, Okhla 101 offer various flexible choices that accommodate different business needs.


Cafeterias are vibe creators in AltF Coworking Okhla 101. Aside from your working areas, it includes an excellent place to eat peacefully. These zones are specializations that you can't find in the traditional setup.

Breakout Zone

Breakout zones are found well in premises to ensure the attachment to the outside spaces where one can develop a comfortable space while working or collaborating in the open air.

AltF Okhla 101 Tailored Benefits for Modern Professionals


Okhla 101 offers flexible membership packages, allowing individuals and businesses to choose that suit their specific needs, whether a dedicated desk in the common space or a private office space. The flexibility approach extends with an affordable customization package at the member end.

Networking and Collaboration opportunities

Coworking spaces in Okhla provide a proficient environment that encourages collaboration. Professionals from diverse industries can create valuable new business opportunities—the base for exchanging thoughts and ideas between professionals.


Okhla 101 will be a more profitable destination for startups and small businesses than traditional office rentals covering the south corporate hub of Delhi. Shared resources and amenities will help them reduce the financial burden of maintaining a dedicated office.


AltF coworking Okhla 101 offers high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, printers, scanning, and cafe areas. These spaces are also provided according to the requirements to carry out an event leading to your promotion. Along with the amenities, it also offers ample parking facilities. Virtual office space in Delhi is also a goal that is fulfilled along with providing the best coworking space in Delhi.


Coworking space helps businesses quickly scale up or down. As the team grows, additional desks or private offices can be rented without moving.

Work-life balance

AltF Okhla 101 focuses on providing a balanced work environment, especially in the coworking space in Noida, contributing to a healthier work-life balance so that you can divert your mind to different practical things. It also ensures easy accessibility to the premises through the commuting distance from Okhla NSIC metro station.

The essence of our shared office spaces in Delhi lies in providing a workplace and creating a dynamic and enriching environment that promotes collaboration, innovation, and personal development.

AltF Okhla 101: Crafting the Apex Of Coworking in Delhi

In the bustling coworking space scene, AltF Coworking stands out as an innovative solution, making it a desirable choice for professionals looking to have a vibrant community. One of the main reasons to choose AltF Okhla 101 is its commitment to building a community by providing its diverse product range of fixed offices, flexible offices, virtual offices, and managed offices. The price constraints for the properties range from 7000 to 18000. However, individual property booking prices differ on premium location, size, and seating capacity. The space goes beyond providing offices and meeting rooms; it fosters an environment where collaboration is encouraged and built-in step by step. Flexibility is another feature. Recognizing that no one-size-fits-all arrangement exists, we offer different workspace alternatives to suit differing business needs. The accessibility to the premises is managed well within convenient commuting distance and lessens the burden of vehicle parking with ample parking facilities.

Moreover, this innovation integration contributes to making strides in proficiency and efficiency. Furthermore, the well-being of the working community is ensured in Okhla 101. In brief, choosing AltF Okhla 101 provides space for securing a work environment; it involves adaptability, innovation, well-being, and remaining committed to sustainability. With us, flourish toward victory and development.